Which Oracle Certification Will be the Best Option for you? Know Here

Oracle certifications Introduction

Oracle certifications are highly recommended courses provided by Oracle, also called Oracle training. It prepares individuals and companies to completely understand the hardware and software solutions that are created to support IT services and solutions globally. The Oracle training and certifications are best suited for IT professionals who need to improve their skill-sets and get certified as experts. It opens the door to wider opportunities to excel in a career.

Oracle Certifications are among the most sought after badges of credibility for expertise in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) marketplace. Globally recognized, industry-endorsed, and personally rewarding, Oracle Certification is the credential that opens doors to greater opportunity and lifelong learning.

To choose the best Oracle certification, let’s take a look at the five best Oracle training certifications offered at Koenig.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations Certified Associate

  • This course gives the fundamental knowledge about public cloud services provided by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and certifies as an Oracle Certified Associate.
  • This OCA certification is for non-technical individuals who are selling or procuring cloud solutions and the technical individuals who want to validate their fundamental knowledge about the OCI core services.
  • This certification doesn’t require hands-on technical experience and isn’t a prerequisite for taking any other OCI certification.
  • The topics get covered in this course are OCI Architecture, Identity and Access Management, Computation and Storage, Autonomous Database Concepts, Networking, etc.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Associate

  • The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Associate training course provides knowledge on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and how to utilize the cloud computing concepts available with it.
  • This course validates an individual’s strong fundamental knowledge about infrastructure architecting using OCI services and provides a competitive edge in the industry. 
  • The topics covered are Basics of VCN and Network Security, Auto-scaling and OS Management, OCI Security using WAF, Monitoring and Management platform on OCI, etc.
  • To get the best of this course, having up-to-date OCI training and hands-on experience is recommended.

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Certified Specialist

  • The Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Certified Specialist course explains the handling and management of various database monitors. 
  • The Oracle SQL certification will give the skills to manage and migrate to Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) and Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP). 
  • The topics covered in this course are Architecture and Deployment of Oracle Autonomous Database, Plan and Implement an Autonomous Database, Identify Migration Options and Considerations.
  • Topics related to Oracle Java Certification are Oracle Machine Learning, APEX, SQL Developer Web, Autonomous JSON, Oracle Text, Spatial.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect (Professional)

  • It is the Professional level OCI Architect certification course that level ups the learning for those who have already learned an OCI Architect Associate course. 
  • You must need to earn the Associate level certification to be eligible for professional certification. 
  • This course gives the hands-on experience and knowledge that is required for the applicant to be able to plan, design, implement and operate solutions on OCI. 
  • The skills covered in this course are planning, designing, implementing, and operating solutions, Designing, implementing, and operating databases, designing for hybrid cloud architecture, Migrating on-premises workloads to OCI. 

Oracle Cloud infrastructure Certified Cloud Operations Associate

  • This course provides the knowledge to specify, architect, implement the OCI services or solutions and certifies you as an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Cloud Operations Associate. 
  • After taking this course, you can develop the next-generation skills required to manage infrastructure in the cloud. This course is for IT professionals looking for Oracle Cloud Certification.
  • In this course, you will get the hands-on experience and knowledge required to Automate cloud tasks, Tune performance, Troubleshoot, manage cost, security, and compliance policies, Monitor and alert OCI, implement data retention and archival, Create shell scripts with the Command Line Interface (CLI) and design Cloud-scale Agility on OCI.
  • To get the most of this course, up-to-date training and field experience are recommended.


The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) certifications are recommended for working professionals from IT and security backgrounds such as Web & App developers, IT & Security analysts, Software developers & specialists to get the Oracle Training Certifications. Oracle certified professionals have high demand in the market because almost all companies use Oracle software and other tools for critical processes. Oracle certified professionals get higher salary packages all over the world.

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