What a Digital Marketing Agency Do and Not Do for Their Clients

Are those who are bored with digital marketing agents saying yes for all businesses, pretending they are experts in all services, falsifying them until they succeed, just because they don’t want to say no? After almost 18 years in this room, we have enough experience to develop a perspective on what work must be handled by agents and what the client must handle.

There is an exception of course, but we have a good feeling about what works and what doesn’t work. First, a little history of the digital marketing industry.

Back in March 2003 when I launched Marcel Digital, there was no such thing as a digital marketing agent. There are many traditional institutions, and some have carved corners in the basement for several nerds that seem to know certain things about websites, Google, digital advertising, and red Swingline staplers.

Over the years I have seen confusion in the industry about what to do by digital marketing agents and what should not be done for clients. We have enough experience and do enough projects for Finetune where our strength as an agent is and where they don’t. Where do we get the biggest ROI for clients and where they don’t? I made the list below that raises what you have to do by your digital marketing agency and what they should not do, leave certain tasks to the client. Let’s start with the basis of the digital marketing agent industry.

What is a digital marketing agency?

At present, digital marketing institutions include gamuts from paid searches, Google Analytics, SEO, website development, content marketing, social media advertising, display, programmed, and other digital marketing services. Digital marketing agency has become a true business partner for the company. They have come out of the basement and into the board room where the C-suite requests their input and respects their perspective.

What kind of digital marketing agent exists?

There are all kinds of digital marketing agents. Many of them will depend on third parties to fill any gaps that work well in 2021, not also 18 years ago. Many institutions utilize resources outside the coast to keep costs down and install holes in their offer. Often this creates more problems than solved.

Digital marketing agents consist of a number of learning material experts from various digital disciplines including SEO, PPC, website analysis, and website development.

Digital marketing agents must have resources dedicated to strategies. These people can form a perspective into a logical path forward for their clients complete with goals and expectations.

What should the digital marketing client do?

Set goals

It’s harder than you think. “More income” is not a good answer if you will empower your digital agent to be successful. Agency will not be responsible for sales.

Keep in mind there are many goals, but there must be one main goal we all paddle.

Provide the main contact point to the entire organization

If your digital marketing agent is asked to report to various individuals who have new or different goals, your digital marketing agent will immediately charge for several directions at once. Your agency will find it difficult to know the individual “no.” They will fail to reach one single goal when they scramble to make some happy stakeholders at once. Digital marketing agents need champions in the organization.

Build and maintain brand sounds

Yes, there are brand marketing and communication companies that play an important role for clients. The teams might even be in digital marketing agents. I am referring to the development of dependence on your agency to speak on your behalf. Brands cannot be authentic and authoritative while delegating their expertise. They should not ask agents to communicate with their customers.

Agents will never know their brands and customers and the internal marketing team. Therefore, institutions should not take over your social channel community management. Agency may not write all your content from the start to pretend to be a company employee.

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