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At our heart, we are a Digital marketing agency that obsesses with helping our customers appear at the top of Google search results. Search Engine Optimization is the technique of improving and maintaining high organic exposure in Google and other search engines. When done correctly, it may revolutionize a firm.

Technical SEO Audit

Before defining a route for steady organic traffic development, our first aim is to boost your website’s technical architecture for crawling, indexation, and speed.

Google gives ‘crawl budgets’ to websites, meaning that it spends limited time and resources crawling, finding, and re-indexing pages before moving on. We repeat and analyze Google’s crawl to comprehend the entire breadth of discoverable pages on a domain. Then – using meta tags, directives, and sitemaps – we steer Google’s crawler (‘Googlebot’) towards the most important sites in search results, away from those that are less vital for rankings.

Google’s index comprises all of the pages that are eligible for ranking in search results (this will likely be a portion of your website’s total pages). We identify the right amount and categories of pages that should be indexed and update sitemaps accordingly.

Speed kills, especially on mobile devices. Today’s users expect mobile web sites to respond like applications. Google can scan a site more extensively when pages load faster, thus enhancing your site’s performance is frequently a quick and straightforward strategy to increase SEO.

We’ll run essential performance tests to assess what’s holding down your pages’ loading times, and give easy suggestions to solve it.

Content SEO Audit

Keywords help Google match a user’s search query to a page with the best answer. Even as Google grows more clever in understanding the purpose behind a user’s search query, keywords still matter.

Through comprehensive keyword research into your competitive sector, we decide what particular keyword phrases should be targeted on all of your site’s important pages.

Next, we ‘map’ these target keywords to their corresponding pages. We may judge that the introduction of additional pages is essential, or that existing pages should be combined into fewer pages.

Lastly, our team employs these keywords in spots where Google searches for keyword ‘clues’ on the page (e.g. page titles, meta descriptions, headers, alt image tags) (e.g. page titles, meta descriptions, headers, alt image tags). For Google to deem your pages deserving of a high position, our content team produces and improves page material to ensure that it possesses both the requisite topical depth and authority.

Backlink Audit

Links are the ‘equity’ of SEO. They communicate authority and trust, and boost ranks in Google. But not all links are good. Some come from questionable domains that might ruin Google’s faith in your site. These can affect your SEO and perhaps lead to a penalty.

Google praises site owners that clean up their link profiles and maintain them spam-free. Our staff thoroughly evaluates any dubious domains that may be pulling down your site’s reputation and performance. If we conclude that a connecting domain has poor authority and little-to-no relation to your business, we’ll disavow it.

Competitor Analysis

In a game of ranking, you don’t have to be flawless. You just have to be better than the page above you.

Competitors may frequently provide the simplest way to success. We delve deep into competitors’ SEO efforts and identify the keys to their success. From there, we repeat and improve upon their techniques.

Our experts can do a short SEO site assessment of your top 3 search competitors, showing their best and worst practices in areas including technical SEO, user experience, keywords, content, and link building.

Analytics Audit

Analytics is the source of truth in digital marketing. Those insights assist you improve your efforts and lead you to fresh insights and ideas.

We first take efforts to guarantee that all reported data is accurate and 100 percent trustworthy. Next, we optimize conversion goal tracking, separate audiences, channels ad devices, and add custom filters. Finally, we visualize the data into easy-to-digest reports. These give superior insights into your site’s users, content and marketing.

In the end, you’ll have a clearer understanding of where your marketing spending are paying off most.

Ongoing SEO

Good SEO never ends. We know this and assist organizations sustain consistent SEO health and performance.


Ongoing SEO Monitoring \sSEO doesn’t stop with the audit. Once the flaws discovered in our audit are resolved, we continue to maintain frequent tabs on the website’s general SEO health. To guarantee that your site remains in outstanding SEO form, each month we:

Find and repair new crawl issues as they appear \sMonitor indexation levels when new material is introduced

  • Measure organic traffic to critical landing pages
    Track keyword rankings vs. your competition

SEO Consulting

Sometimes what you need most is to talk strategy with and ask questions of an SEO specialist to make sure you and your team are on the correct road. We’ll add a fresh perspective to your SEO strategy and analyze your site from a distinct and unbiased vantage point. We provide flexible SEO consultation packages with our best professionals.

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