Alternatives to Grammarly You Can Use for Assignment Writing

Alternatives to Grammarly

Good learners are those who learn from their mistakes and do not repeat them. Everyone can make spelling and grammatical mistakes in his or her writing, but not everyone has access to Grammarly, a paid grammatical mistakes remover software. Along with identifying problems, it also suggests alternative phrases and words to rectify the mistakes. Grammarly is also available in the free version. The free version does not work as effectively as the paid version. Thus, people nowadays search for alternatives to Grammarly that they can use for assignment writing. Such people do not need to worry as today’s article is centric to those alternatives of Grammarly. A brief description of all the other options is as follows:

Alternatives of Grammarly

Although many software have built-in spelling and grammar checkers, like Microsoft Office and Google Docs, they are not as effective as Grammarly. But to use Grammarly as its full, you need to buy its premium subscription, which you cannot afford. Keeping this in view, after interviewing a dozen writers, I compiled the below list of alternatives to Grammarly. Thus, read about those other options and use them in your writings.


This tool is one of the top-rated competitors of Grammarly when it comes to pricing. It allows you to check for grammatical, lexical and plagiarism related issues. Like Grammarly, it is also available in free and paid modes. The free mode, obviously, has fewer things to offer. But the price of the paid version is also very reasonable. It costs $79 for an annual subscription and $244 for a lifetime subscription.


  • Generates detailed reports on all the grammatical errors
  • It runs a readability analysis and allows you to test how easy your content is to read
  • Provides alternative words for repetitive or difficult words
  • It can be integrated with MS Word, Gmail, Open Office, Google Chrome etc.


Linguix is an AI-powered alternative to Grammarly. It helps you check real-time grammatical errors in the light of the context of a sentence in your assignment writing work. This tool’s alerts and recommendation feature to use alternative phrases and words is also wonderful. The Linguix tool also allows a writer to copy and paste his work somewhere else. It does not let any typing error pass through its eye. All the grammatical and typing errors are eradicated in a minute.


  • Real-time spelling and grammar mistake markings
  • Suggest forgotten grammatical mistakes
  • Helps you master a standard style of writing
  • Corrects your errors and also provides advice

This tool helps the companies in keeping the content quality consistent by providing them with brand-specific feedback. The AI technology readily analyses the errors and identifies the niche of the topic. By clearly identifying the niche, it only suggests changes related to that brand. For example, you write an article on new technology in the toy-making industry. After pasting your work in, it identifies all the problems based on the niche. Thus, it falls under one of the powerful alternatives to Grammarly.


  • It allows you to align your whole team with your brand’s writing style
  • It helps you to modify your writing to gender-neutral pronouns
  • It checks the content based on the guidelines you provide
  • It also has a feature of shutting down writing suggestions


Beewriter is another one of the top alternatives to Grammarly. The basic function of this tool is also to eliminate the errors and mistakes in your text. The unique paraphrasing assistant is its speciality. It analyses the hard to read sentences and then rephrase them for your assistance. This tool is also very good at removing grammatical and lexical errors.

Talking about the pricing of this tool, you can use it for free for up to 14 days. After 14 days free trial, you have to buy a plan. There are two plans for this writing assistant. One is the basic one, which costs $5 per month, and the one that costs $10 per month is the premium one.


  • Provides many alternatives to any writing
  • Includes many grammatical notes to point out the reasons for the writing flaws
  • Readily resolves the unusual grammatical mistakes that most other tools cannot detect
  • It also offers a statistical analysis of your writing


Scribendi is more like a paraphrasing tool instead of grammatical errors. Copying and pasting your work can provide you with synonyms and alternative words. But it cannot detect punctuation errors. Overall, it resides among the top alternatives to Grammarly. This tool is totally free to use, but it comes with some limitations. You can only process 10,000 words in 24 hours. To process the next section of your writing, you must wait for the next day. Overall, the paraphrasing ability of this tool has no match with other alternatives to Grammarly.


  • Proofreading services for students and companies
  • It allows you to edit your essays effectively
  • It checks grammar for editing different kinds of documents
  • It also allows you to edit and proofread your manuals and brochures


WhiteSmoke tool offers you a quality proofreading service. This tool is more advanced and developed compared to other alternatives to Grammarly. It also helps you eradicate style mistakes, meaning-related and punctuation blunders. The system of this tool is not that advanced like Grammarly, but for beginners, it is a good choice to write their assignments.

It also has two plans regarding the pricing, i.e., basic, and premium. The basic plan costs around $5 per month. On the other hand, the premium plan comes by paying $6.66 per month.


  • The tool helps you to detect dozens of undetected mistakes in your assignment
  • The tool allows you to rebuild and improve the performance of your assignment. It offers added information along with the detection of errors


There are so many alternatives to Grammarly other than those mentioned above. You can search for those other alternatives on the internet. The plan prices differ a lot from tool to tool. But basic functions of all the tools are almost same.

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