How Much Does Cloud Storage Cost in India?

Cloud storage is one of the recent innovations in the computer data backup and storage industry. Now, instead of storing the data on your hard drive, you can put it somewhere on the internet. The market is full of companies that offer cloud storage services at an affordable rate. However, you need to be aware of the cloud storage cost in India. Every detail is shared in this blog.

Why do you need cloud storage?

The first step before you purchase cloud storage is to know why do you need cloud storage? If you want to keep the backup of the whole hard drive then it would be beneficial for you during disaster recovery. Next time your hard drive crashes then you can easily access and restore your data. Additionally, it is easier to arrange the files & folders and modify them according to your needs.


Arranging files and folders is also pretty easy with cloud storage. You can set up everything according to your needs. It is one of the best approaches to synchronize all files and folders across several computers and get a free cloud storage service. Usually, a free account allows you to store two to five gigabytes of cloud storage without any charge.


It is plenty of space for storing your normal files like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The operating procedure is also simple, you have to register yourself on their website and you can use all the items on almost all the devices. Moreover, you will have the flexibility to use the account on any public computer by logging in via a web browser. Also, after completing the work you can upload everything on the cloud and access it later.

What are the things that you can store on the cloud?

You can store any file on the cloud till its size does not exceed the storage limit. Storing Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files does not consume much space. However, if you start storing any large files like images and videos then shortly you will run out of storage. Running out of space is a common problem while you are using cloud storage. You can consider upgrading your account and getting additional storage by paying some amount. 


Most cloud storage companies will give you cloud storage but there are a few hidden terms and conditions. Sometimes “free” storage does not mean that you will get storage free, it often means that you will get limited storage for free. Or you will get cloud storage free for a fixed duration. Consider doing deep research before purchasing any cloud storage online. Furthermore, there might be a possibility that you will have to pay any additional amount for backing up the data.


The cloud storage cost in India is moderate and anyone can afford it. Though it depends on the needs of the user. You have to pay more money if you need a large cloud storage space. Additionally, you can look for a company that can offer you reliable service, at good pricing so you can easily backup your essential data. In the unfortunate event of a hard drive crashing, you can easily restore the data using the cloud. 


Cloud storage cost in India is not much, you can easily get it from any reliable platform. However, the cloud hosting price in India is slightly more than cloud storage thus you need to research well before purchasing. As soon as you get a reliable cloud storage service provider then you can stick to that enjoy the benefits.

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